South Beach 52″ Uni-Bead Liners

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25 Gauge 52″ Universal Bead Liners – 20 Year Warranty – USA Made Liners
All of our 52″ universal bead liners work with J-Bead, Uni-Bead, V-Bead and Standard Beaded pool systems. The patented universal bead system built into our liners have all the listed bead types attached for a simple and easy installation. There is no need to guess at which bead type you have on your pool. If you have an Esther Williams pool, please contact us for special order pricing.

GLI South Beach 20yr 52″ Uni-Bead Swimming Pool Liner

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Exclusive Signature Collection Above Ground Pool Liners

The South Beach 52″ Beaded Liner

This liner is economically priced and carries a 20 year warranty backed by GLI. This liner is made from 100% Virgin Vinyl and contains highest grade UV inhibitors for maximum weatherability and resistance to sunlight, bacteria, fungus, chemicals and cold crack.

Our Signature Collection Above Ground Beaded Liners come standard as Uni-Bead Liners. This means that you can use the liner on a standard bead receiver or on a J-Hook Receiver. Beaded liners are the choice of pool installers, allowing a full and complete assembly of the pool system, with the liner simply clipping into the bead track at the end. This makes liner installation and replacement a snap. There is no more need to take your pool apart to replace a liner in the future.

Made from durable virgin vinyl.
Tough, long-lasting 1/2″ lap seams.
Perma-sealed with state of the art equipment.
Contains highest grade UV inhibitors for maximum weatherability and resistance to sunlight, bacteria, fungus, chemicals, and cold crack.

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20 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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Pool Liner Sizes

12 ft Round, 15 ft Round, 18 ft Round, 21 ft Round, 24 ft Round, 27 ft Round, 30 ft Round, 33 ft Round, 12ft x 24ft Oval, 15ft x 24ft Oval, 15ft x 30ft Oval, 16ft x 32ft Oval, 18ft x 33 ft Oval


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